Lethal Audio? Or Just Harmless?


I recently purchased Lethal Audio and to be honest, although the demos and tutorials I saw were impressive, when I went through the presets myself I wasn’t very impressed. A lot of the presets, other than the bass and drum presets, had a thin, tinny sound to them. They actually sound kind of cheap, and considering the price wasn’t, I was rather disappointed.

Despite my first impressions, I went ahead using only Lethal presets to try to draw blood from this stone, brainstorming melodies and layering the sounds, trying to really explore what Lethal had to offer. I ended up being able to make good use of a lot of the sounds, especially the leads/keys and drums. In the demo below, I didn’t end up using the bass presets much, just part of a change in mood in the middle. I couldn’t find a good modern sounding (ie. trap) 808 tone in Lethal so I had go elsewhere for that.  But the rest of the sounds are all Lethal presets, with a little tweaking and additional FX like a sidechain effect i used on the lead to give it a rhythmic quality. What I’m most surprised with is the quality of the drum kits. The kicks and snares really pop and smack in the right places. The high hats sounds range from clean to gritty, excellent for urban grooves.

I really liked the beat I ended up with so I’m really not all that disappointed with my purchase now. I just had to force myself to use it as exclusively as I could. Like judging a book by its cover, I initially scoffed at the way the presets sounded. But in the context of a full production, I’m very happy with what I could make with it.  It’s definitely going into my toolbox right next to Nexus and Omnisphere.

Take a listen to the beat I made using Lethal Audio below.